Burgess Hill Shed

Promoting wellbeing  through shared interests and hands-on craft activities in a safe, friendly workshop

BH-Shed is an existing, succcessful organisation that for the past 4 years has been helping men and women share interests and skills, and be creative through craft activities. A well equipped workshop enables them to do their own projects, group projects and worthwhile community projects.

Our main workshop is located at Burnside, Victoria Road, Burgess Hill and is open from 0930 to 1500 hours every Tuesday and Wednesday. Members can undertake a wide range of craft projects including woodwork and metal work.

It is our intention to extend open times for our existing workshop to 5 days per week to allow for increased demand and allow members to work on community projects. We will also create another craft workshop in The Kiln to provide facilities and resources for a wider range of crafts and allow evenings and weekend sessions depending on demand.

For more details go to the BH-Shed website.