Promoting creativity and advancing the spirit of innovation and enterprise

The Kiln MakerSpace will provide opportunities for people of all ages to create, make, collaborate and learn with others in a workshop environment. 

It  will be a flexible, affordable, stimulating learning environment which will allow the sharing of resources including equipment, materials and knowledge.  Thus utilisation is high and affordability low enabling a wide range of activities to be used by the community. 

It will be accessible to schools, people wishing to shape and develop their careers, entrepreneurs wishing to create new business or anyone with a hobby interest.

MakerSpace for Schools

This space will provide opportunities for a range of creative, hands-on activities for schools, pupils, colleges and students either as part of a school or college curriculum or for extracurricular activities.

For schools and colleges, our MakerSpace will enable pupils from different schools and colleges to work together to explore the world of creativity and practice.  It will provide a challenging yet fun environment and give pupils and students opportunities to explore and test ideas through hands-on personalised experience, apply theory to real world situations and learn how to learn from failure.  Pupils and students involved in such activity will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills which will help them to become more confident and competent to handle uncertainties and  difficulties likely to be encountered in their careers and lives.

MakerSpace for Entrepreneurs and Hobbyists

MakerSpace will provide opportunities to anyone wishing to enhance their career, undertake a new project, start a new business or just looking to have fun.

The MakerSpace workshop will be equipped with tools, equipment and technology to enable exploration of ideas, creativity and innovation.  Participants will be able to engage and learn with others, share skills and experience, challenge and test ideas in a stimulating environment.