Repair Café

Bin it or fix it?  Repairing  broken and faulty things for a new lease of life.

The Repair Café is an existing organisation that has run very successful events in our community. Its main mission is to help people to repair broken and faulty things and prevent them from being thrown away. Volunteers give up their time to help members of the public to repair their own items, and learn how to problem solve and make repairs for themselves.

Currently, the Repair Café is using temporary community premises that require significant set up time and requires volunteers to bring tools and materials to events.

It is intended that the Repair Café will run events in The Kiln on a regular basis, with access to the considerable resources available. Furthermore, the Repair Café will be backed up by a Repair Shop which will allow repairs that need more time and work than can typically be accommodated during Repair Café sessions.